Stormie experiences so many adventures and flies all over Equestria doing her duties that she, especially on her birthday, should take her time to enjoy some sensual massage from Vexin and Joana.

Happy Birthday to Stormfront ^^

A little massage for all her traveling around. I remember one time she helped me extract the nectar of some rare flowers behind the waterfall of Neighagra falls. Here’s hoping your travels bring you another fun year! and don’t forget to stop by my shop if you’re hankering for a potion! ;)


Anonymous asked:

Looks like that dragon didn't take his sudden girl-ness too well. Does that happen much?

Well sometimes it does end up that way when I randomly splash people with genderswap but on the other hand sometimes it ends up like:

So I say it’s worth trying >w<




The most important question is now:

Was that a lost bet.

Vexin trying her own limits of control.

Or an especially cruel attempt on her life?!

((In Response To:


Vexin: “Must… Not… Eat… Self… Oooohhhh….” *drooling chocolate milk as she speaks*

If that’s dark chocolate I might be tempted to eat her out…

I mean what?

Does the strawberry mare wanna get covered in all sorts of chocolate~?


Commissions open.

Female characters preferred pls (males don’t look as good yet) but I’ll deal if need be.


NO GROSS FETISHES (scat, watersports etc.)

Only one character at a time please, I’m only just kicking this off on short notice.

Please don’t micro manage (ex, I want this post done like this, these clothes, etc.) I don’t mind if theres and outfit you want them in I can draw it just don’t be too picky with how it looks. and poses too try not to make them complicated ones pls.

I’m pretty easygoing with things so if you have a question just hit me an ask.

I’ll update with a better price sheet and rules.

y’all should buy art from dis guy. tell him vexy sent ya ;)

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